“As a social landlord operating in areas of real deprivation, Magenta Living is constantly seeking positive partnerships that bring real opportunities to our customers.  We see ourselves as more than simply a landlord and our mission is ‘Providing homes …Building communities’.  Our unique partnership with ABL, which sees them based in a disused office space within one of our high-rise tower blocks, not only enables them to offer their smoking cessation service to Magenta Living tenants, but puts them at the heart of the local community.

“This approach of community-based working is symptomatic of what we have come to recognize as the ABL way. Their team, ably led by Liz Woodworth, both understands and, importantly, practices, community-based delivery.  The ABL approach is person-centred and, having explored the impact of their service within our communities, we are delighted with the impact on our tenants and the steadily growing smoking cessation outcomes.  These are even more impressive when a large proportion of our customers could be regarded as ‘hard to reach’.

“In summary, our partnership with ABL is seeing measurable social value created within our communities and this is exactly what our partnership set out to achieve.  We are proud to be part of that partnership and hope it will continue to assist Magenta Living customers achieve A Better Life.”

Jamie Martin, Magenta Living