Our success stories

A World Away

In March 2018 ABL Wirral brought Oldham Theatre Workshop to the Floral Pavilion to perform A World Away. This engaging musical theatre production spread no smoking messages to 1,500 school children.

“Thank you for a super afternoon, cleverly written and professionally executed drama production. Informative and thought provoking motivating, stimulating us to have quite extensive discussions.  The children were thoroughly engaged, enjoyed watching and participating. We were that moved we have written persuasive letters to a loved one to try and encourage them to give up smoking.”

“The performance was very engaging, thanks largely to the fabulous singing and music, as well as the clever storyline. All the performers were very good, and every word sung could be heard clearly. For non-theatregoers, the opportunity to see a story told in this operatic style, and with live musical accompaniment was a real bonus.”

“The content and setting drew the audience in so that they were primed and ready to receive the message of the performance, without it being forced upon them or overstated. The children were therefore able to understand the purpose of the play as well as be thoroughly entertained. By having the opportunity to comment during the performance, they were also able to reflect on the message and express their own thoughts and feelings too. Excellent example of effective and accessible theatre in education, thank you!”

-Portland Primary School


Anna’s story

I was a heroin addict for 18 years while I was living in Blackpool then, 15 years ago I moved to Carlisle and had a great GP who helped me come off the drugs. However, I could still buy alcohol and cigarettes over the counter so they became the replacement and the two went hand in hand for me.

I came back to Wirral four years ago and carried on smoking and drinking – I would have one drink and then another, and always thought that I could quit on my own.

In July this year, I ended up in hospital with an alcohol-related illness and obviously wasn’t allowed to smoke in the hospital. On the third day I went outside to have a cigarette and could hardly breathe – I thought ‘what on earth am I doing?’ and I asked for help. Safwa from ABL Wirral came to see me and thanks to her support, I’ve not had a cigarette since.

The cravings are now in my mind and not physical – it’s all about maintaining and planning. I went to a wedding and made sure I drove, planned what I would be drinking beforehand and had my inhalator with me. I’m hoping to start work again and have even joined a gym!

There is a lot of support in Wirral if you are willing to accept it and engage with the service. There is no shame in asking for help – if I can stop, anybody can. Smoking was my nemesis and I’d be so angry now if I had a cigarette. It really has changed my life.