Our staff

Safwa Alsaden

Specialist Seconday Care Smoking Cessation Advisor


Safwa is based at Arrowe Park Hospital and provides support to patients and staff to help them stop smoking. While working in a pharmacy in 2005 when the community pharmacy stop smoking agenda was rolled out, Safwa became passionate about helping people to improve their health by quitting. Since 2012, she has been training hospital staff to help their patients access stop smoking support and pharmacological help and her role has since developed to deliver a successful smoking cessation service across the organisation both for patients at their bedsides and for employees.

She said: “Helping people to stop smoking will always be a challenge as quitting can be a difficult thing to do. The flow of people to the site is constantly changing so the audience is never the same. That being said, despite working in such a dynamic environment there is some consistency with my role in that I am here to offer advice and encouragement throughout a smoker’s journey.

“Being non-judgmental is essential along with establishing a good rapport with the people I am trying to help. Providing reassurance and having mutual trust is one of the basic ingredients to success when someone is trying to stop smoking. Everyone’s reason for deciding to stop is different and can range from financial, health-related or family considerations. Some people can try 7 or 8 times before they quit successfully but it’s important to know that it’s ok to try again. Not succeeding on the first attempt should not put you off giving it another go.

“As well as helping patients to quit, providing support to staff who smoke is also a big part of my job. I work five days a week but am very flexible and can accommodate different shift patterns.”

If you smoke and are thinking of making 2017 the year that transforms your health, contact us now for support