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Why you should start running

6th August 2018

Running has been recognised as one of the most beneficial forms of exercise.

As Community Health and Wellbeing Ambassador for Sports Tours International, we wanted to give you few reasons why you might want to consider lacing up a pair of running shoes.

The obvious benefits

Running isn’t just a fantastic workout for your legs – it’s also been proven to offer amazing benefits for many other areas of the body – such as improving your bone density which will help prevent the development of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Running will improve your cardiovascular fitness making your heart and your lungs stronger and don’t forget the effect it has on your appearance – the more you run, the more weight you’ll lose.

A new hobby

Maybe you’re on the lookout for a new hobby which will help you get fit!

Why not consider running?

There’s no better way to spend your free time than doing something you enjoy and that will be beneficial to your health.

Social running

Running is a great exercise to put in your earphones and focus on moving your feet but we think it’s a ton of fun with other people, you will keep you motivated.

When running in a group you’ve got the advantage of having other friendly faces to encourage you in your fitness goals.

Plus, you’ve got time to have a nice bit of conversation and develop confidence. What’s not to like?

Stress/Anxiety relief

Along with all the physical benefits, running has been shown to have some amazing psychological benefits such as the relief of daily stresses and anxiety.

Running aids in the release of serotonin – the happy hormone, this leads to a healthier state of mind.

You can run anywhere!

If you’re struggling to find time in your day to focus on exercise then running might be the perfect workout for you. Even if you find 10 minutes to run around the block, you’ll feel better for it.

You’re never restricted when it comes to running so find a place that suits you – whether that’s in the park, beside the road or at an event.

We offer lots of free health programmes and activities across the north west. Choose where you live from ABL in your Area at the top of the page.

This year, we have partnered with Sports Tours International, as their Community Health and Wellbeing Partner! We will be at their upcoming races – UKFast City of Salford 10k on 9th September and JD Gyms City of Preston 10k on 30th September.

To find out more information visit the Sports Tours International website  and get £5 off your entry if you want to sign up for the race using promo code ABL5