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Why eating the right food is important for your fitness goals

29th August 2018

As beneficial as exercise is for the body, if it’s not being backed up with a well-balanced diet, your overall fitness won’t reach its full potential.

Its common sense that certain food is not good for us, such as sweets, sugary treats and food in high saturated fat.

However, that isn’t to say that all sugars and fats are bad for you. Some sugars and fats, like the ones found in certain fruits and fish, are needed in our diet.

But, what you consume depends entirely on the fitness regime you’re following:

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to gain muscle? Are you trying to increase fitness? Perhaps a combination of all three?

First you need to establish your goal which will then help you make decisions about the food you eat between training.

For example, if you’re gearing up for a heavy session of weight lifting, focus on lean proteins such as chicken, which will help your muscles perform to their peak ability.

Or if you’re in for a long cardio session, a medium-to-light carbohydrate meal a couple of hours before will encourage a slow release of energy, keeping you going for longer.

Eating the right food is important and, once you get into the swing of things, it will encourage you on your fitness journey.

The repetitive nature of a controlled diet can be a hard work but always remember your end goal and don’t look at your food plans as a ‘diet’, but a lifestyle change for the better.

Here are a few hints and tips on why eating the right food is important for your fitness goals;

  • Eating the wrong food whilst training won’t give you the vitamins and minerals you need. When you run, the stress on your body lowers your immune system, so it’s important you have the right vitamins and minerals in your body to improve your immune system. They help you to recover after a run.
  • Vitamin C (chilli peppers, citrus fruits, and sprouts) is good for your health; potassium (bananas, broccoli, sweet potato) is good for building energy and makes you feel good.
  • High in fat food will not give you the right kind of energy – you’ll be left feeling sluggish and asking your body to work harder to break down them down. If the digestive system has to work more than it should, you’re asking your body to do too many things!
  • When you finish a run, you need to replenish your glycogen and you need carbs to do that (average 20-30g). You also need at least 20g of protein to aid your body’s recovery.

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