Weight Management

Here are just a few of the services we currently provide:

Bradford adult and family weight management services

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Bradford’s adult and family community weight management programme is delivered in partnership with H.A.L.E. (Health Action Local Engagement), an award-winning charity based in Shipley that engages people in making lifestyle changes to improve their health; and the Thornbury Centre, a multi-purpose community centre that brings communities and partners from all sectors together to rebuild the area’s social capital.

Using our combined expertise and the local community knowledge, the programme works within the community to provide a friendly, accessible service. We support diverse communities across Bradford including South Asian, Roma and Traveller communities.

Adults accessing the service have the opportunity to attend a personal assessment, followed by relaxed informal group sessions that explore how to make simple sustainable changes to food intake and physical activity levels. We create bespoke programmes so that physical activity is tailored to suit individual clinical needs and preferences.

Families receive an initial assessment to understand their individual needs and a plan is developed to provide tailored support. Working in groups or via 1:1s, they learn about nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing and are supported to develop confidence in maintaining their newfound skills.

Using an evidenced-based behaviour change approach, personal goals are set and our Lifestyle Coaches support people in believing in and achieving these.

To find out more about the service, please call 01274 299 022 or e-mail Bradford@ablhealth.co.uk

Commissioned by Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Choose to Change – Specialist Weight Management Service


Choose to Change is our flagship behavioural change programme that prides itself on adopting a different stance to other weight loss programmes, encouraging lifelong change rather than short term traditional diets. It helps people to break down their barriers to sustained weight loss, become more active and make positive food choices. It has produced many successful outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary approach supports each individual to make small, realistic and effective changes to their lifestyle.

The programme starts with a two hour appointment with a medical professional and a lifestyle coach to assess your needs. The majority of people will then start the group programme which provides a fun friendly and supportive learning environment and 1:1 sessions are available for those unable to access group support. We also offer individual or group therapy for people with issues surrounding emotional eating.

The programme has developed an effective peer supporter group who now support and deliver sessions and also advise on how to improve and develop the service offer. Recently they worked alongside us to develop a new strand of the programme and were consulted on the development of a new curriculum and what they felt their peers needed and wanted within the service.

“I was in such a bad place mentally and emotionally because of my weight and health issues that I thought I was going to die and no one would care. I was also virtually housebound after a heart attack. It’s hard to quantify what Choose to Change has done. I feel I can now do anything and am hoping that this is the beginning of the rest of my life.” Anthony, Former Choose to Change participant, now an ABL Lifestyle Coach

Commissioned by *Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Salford, Tameside, Glossop, St Helens and Stockport

*Bariatric pathway only

Find out more about this service on our choose to change website.

Family Weight Management Service


By taking a ‘whole family approach’ our Family Weight Management Service  creates space for families to understand their barriers to weight loss and to make positive, healthier choices moving forward.

Our approach draws on established evidence and our own experience, creating a model where families learn and practice skills to achieve healthier lifestyles across all markers of excess weight. This includes diet, physical activity and behaviour change.

All our families receive an initial assessment to understand their clinical risk and their varied emotional needs and to plan the best approach to bring about long term change. Families will then either work in our small interactive group sessions or receive 1:1 support and via fun, engaging and age appropriate activity learn about a range of issues connected to nutrition, physical activity and general wellbeing.

Following completion of the service families can continue to get support from our ’ Moving Forward’ sessions that offer advice and support in maintaining their behaviour change.

Commissioned by Manchester City Council and Hull City Council


Enable – Health Trainer Service

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This service empowers people to live healthier, longer lives. Our Health Trainers work with people to understand their ‘life story’ exploring their health and their lifestyle attitudes through the context of their everyday lives and enable them to make and reach achievable goals.

We support people using behaviour change techniques around areas such as weight loss, increasing their physical activity, reducing smoking and alcohol intake, and improving their mental wellbeing.

Our approach is designed to be supportive and accessible and we provide 1:1 assessments in places that suit our clients. Following assessment you receive a tailored personal health plan and support either 1:1 or via our group sessions for up to 6 months. To support clients and sustain engagement  we use  a number of tools and resources, which helps us keep in touch with clients and motivate them in achieving their goals. Following completion of the service we also offer the opportunity to stay connected through our community ‘Check in and chat’ sessions.

Commissioned by Manchester City Council and Hull City Council

Trim down shape up  – Men’s weight management service


Trim Down Shape Up is a fitness and weight loss programme designed especially for men.

Through extensive research ABL discovered that traditional weight loss models do not appeal to men. The majority of men view ‘weight loss’ as a feminine problem and are reluctant to seek medical help. They do not wish to sit in a group and talk about why they became overweight, log what they are eating, count points or share with others whether they have lost or gained weight.

We worked closely with the Men’s Health Forum, the Centre for Men’s Health, national academics and men in the community to develop a tailored programme. Specific design and branding factors make it more easily accessible and attractive to men.

Our approach reflects a ‘male view’. Trim Down Shape Up is promoted as ‘free fitness sessions for men’ and challenges clients to ‘take charge of their health’.

Our sessions provide practical advice and factual information e.g. hands on definitions of what a portion is, how many calories are in alcohol, what healthier take-away options are available and much more. We know men also prefer more emphasis on the physical activity side of the programme, seeing exercise as a more effective means to improving their health than alterations to their diet.

Trim Down Shape Up concentrates on fun physical activity such as football, circuits, dodgeball and boxing. The sessions are split into 30 minutes of nutritional advice and behaviour change/motivational support and one hour of physical activity. By working with local partners we have developed new offers to support men in the area including a walking football team.  The service has also had great success in generating peer supporters many of whom now support and deliver the sessions alongside our Lifestyle Coaches.

“I’ve discovered that if I put my mind to it I can change my eating habits without it being a sacrifice and I genuinely enjoy eating better. I also discovered how blindingly ignorant I was regarding food/calories/drinks/sugar etc., and how negligent I had been regarding the health risks, both present and in the future, of my previous diet.” Julian, TDSU participant

Commissioned by Wigan Council


Specialist Family Weight Management Service


ABL recognises the importance of engaging with children and adolescents to support them to make healthy lifestyle changes. To encourage healthy and sustainable behaviour changes ABL believes a family centred approach is paramount and this was the driver for the service design.

A Nurse Clinician, Lifestyle Coach and a PCAMHs practitioner carry out multi-disciplinary assessments with children and their families. This is over two appointments and includes a clinical assessment and examination, nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity assessment and a mental health assessment to look at motivation, thoughts, moods and feelings.

Looking at the busy and hectic lifestyles families have on a day-to-day basis, ABL has produced a holistic programme aimed at supporting families either in their home environment or in a clinical setting. Families are supported to lead a healthier lifestyle by being offered nutrition and physical activity advice and support. Activities are fun, engaging and tailored to suit the age/needs of the young person. Families work towards small achievable goals to ensure behavioural change is sustainable. Group support is also offered by the Fit 4 Life programme which includes nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle support and ABL encourages and supports families to access this service.

“I would definitely recommend this programme to other families as it’s great for encouragement and inspiration. I’d like to thank our lifestyle coach Rachel for all her hard work and backing while working with us.” Family weight management participant

Commissioned by St. Helens Council