Healthy Workplaces

Here are just a few of the services we currently provide:

Health at Work


Health at Work is a free 12 week integrated workplace health and wellbeing service for small to medium sized enterprises.

The Health at Work programme brings health awareness and improvement directly to employees in the workplace.

The programme commences with a needs assessment of staff to determine which services are most needed and desired. Fun activities are then planned around staff working times to suit the business.

At the end of the programme, we train staff members on how to continue to provide health at work services and to continue to think about this in their future planning. Companies are also encouraged to work towards a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award scheme and supported to achieve these.

We also assist in the development and promotion of corporate games in Hull. Businesses can compete against each other in activities such as dodgeball, badminton, rounders, football, pedometer challenges etc.

“Health at Work has given our staff the opportunity to learn more about their own health and start their journey to a better lifestyle. The flexibility of the programme meant they could fit the sessions in around their own work so they had no worries about time constraints.”
Robin, Global IT Services

Commissioned by Hull City Council

You can discover more on our Health at Work website.


Health at Work Award

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The Health at Work Award recognises the organisations and employers who offer a healthy working environment to their employees.

ABL works with organisations to help improve their employees’ health, helping them to design and plan activities and policies to improve employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

At the beginning of the process a lifestyle survey is conducted to determine which services are most desirable to employees, i.e. nutrition/health checks etc. Templates and health awareness promotional materials are provided for organisations to display and popular activities (from the results of the Lifestyle Survey) are planned around staff working times to suit the business.

In partnership with wider Public Health services, ABL can arrange one-to-one health checks for staff including: height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, blood pressure and waist circumference measurements. We can also bring in other local services and organisations to provide support and supplement activity.

A whole range of healthy lifestyle sessions can be arranged including: healthy eating, weight loss sessions, stress management and an alcohol awareness session on units and calories.

Weekly drop-in clinics can also be held for staff which can include weekly Smoking Cessation ‘drop ins’ for individual support. Additionally an Occupational Health pack including information on policy writing, templates and contact numbers for further support can be provided. Organisations can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award and we hold regular award evenings and events to celebrate and share local businesses’ achievements.

“The Health at Work Award has inspired me and other members of staff to change our lifestyles both inside and outside of work. This is already beginning to have a positive effect on our organisation and we have yet to achieve the silver award!”
Louise, Blackpool Carers Centre

Commissioned by Blackpool Council


Healthy Catering

The Healthier Catering Award is an award scheme to recognise food outlets that provide and promote healthier choices.

We support local food outlets including hotels, takeaways and community venues to explore their offer and see if they can make simple changes that could have a real impact on the health of their customers. From changing recipes to adapting cooking styles, as well as exploring how food is positioned and promoted, food providers can support people to make healthier choices.

Healthy Caterring image 2

It also has the added benefit of saving local businesses money. Working with one children’s centre we encouraged them to remove sugar shakers from café tables and provide sugar only when asked for. This led to a dramatic decrease in people requesting sugar and helped the centre make a saving of £28 per month. In another instance we convinced a hotel to change their cooking method for 19 of their 20 breakfast ingredients making a £360 saving per month on cooking oil costs.

It is anticipated that by making small changes to food preparation and cooking methods and increasing the healthier options available, local food outlets will really help to support their communities towards healthier futures.

“This just goes to prove that good cooking is a constant learning curve, irrespective of how experienced you are. Any incentive to improve the health and well-being of your customers should be welcomed with open arms.”
A Director of Complete Catering Ltd, Contract caterers based at Princess Alexandra home for the blind in Blackpool.

Commissioned by Blackpool Council