Birth & Early Years

Here are just a few of the services we currently provide:

BUMPS, Birth Education and Preparation

BUMPS is our programme of antenatal advice and support for prospective parents. The aim of this holistic health and well-being service is to help new and prospective parents feel confident and prepared to give their children the very best start in life.

The service has been designed with a parent-centred approach that serves the individual/family within their life context and can be tailored according to their priorities.

BUMPS, Birth Education and Preparation

The programme consists of 4 sessions which combine formal, structured and interactive education with practical demonstrations and informal peer support.

Participants are signposted to appropriate partner services and have the opportunity to stay connected to support in the service after completion.

Partners are often a neglected group in birth preparation and parenting, yet evidence shows that engaging fathers/other partners in the process of pregnancy and birth has positive effects on relationships, parenting skills, the consequent health outcomes and opportunities for their offspring. ABL has amassed expert knowledge and experience in engaging men and facilitating behaviour change and apply these skills here to support them to be part of the process.

The wider benefits to public health and society of successful, happy and healthy parents are clear. The service recognises parents, particularly women, as influencers of health behaviours and this programme contributes to reducing health inequalities by allowing them to make better choices for themselves and their children.

“Thank you for helping me make the journey from being a scared and unprepared pregnant woman to a mother who knows what she is doing. I now have an amazing baby who only cries when his nappy is getting changed!”
Katie, BUMPS client.

Commissioned by NHS, Hull CCG

Learn more about this programme on our BUMPS website.