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ABL calls for swift action on childhood obesity measures

25th June 2018

Health expert ABL is welcoming proposals to ban the sale of sweets and snacks at checkouts.


Measures in the Government’s updated Childhood Obesity Plan also include clear calorie labelling in restaurants, cafes and takeaways, banning the sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to children, and new restrictions on advertising unhealthy food to children on TV and online.


Kate Anderson, Head of Service Development at ABL Health, said: “These proposals are extremely encouraging in supporting families to make healthier choices. However, this is yet to go out to consultation so how long will it be before we actually see action being taken? With one in five children arriving at primary school already obese or overweight, it is vital that measures like this are implemented as swiftly as possible.


“It is also essential that we see more public health investment in to schemes supporting families in leading a healthier life. Our weight management programmes are experiencing more cuts yet the problem of obesity still remains the biggest public health crisis faced by this country. We must take action now to ensure the next generation has the best start at living a healthier, happier life.”


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